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We are so happy you found us. Whether it was through Hannah’s Kindness Cards, because you are researching child safety issues or you just happened upon us by chance, we welcome you and want to hear from you. Tell us your Kindness Card stories or just let us know that you are interested in our foundation. We are so grateful for the wonderful support from our family, friends and the community. Hannah’s website, a labor of love, is dedicated to her memory and that the fact that her life continues to matter. It is also a tool to provide education and advocacy on matters of child safety – especially window safety.

Again, welcome and thank you for visiting.

Hannah’s Family

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  1. Keri Rossback says:

    I happened upon your story through an article on AOL, regarding the law you are hoping to pass in Iowa. Touched by the cause, I visited this website to know more about Hannah and the family behind the activism. You’ve done a truly beautiful thing by channeling your grief into positive action. And, judging by the things I have come to know of Hannah, simply through your descriptions of her, it seems this is exactly how a girl like her would want to be remembered: as someone who inspires and helps others. I thought it would do you well to know that through her story, your activism, and this website, Hannah can be an inspiration to us all. Even as far reaching as NY- I know I am inspired.

    Best of luck in the passing of “Hannah’s Law.”

    • admin says:

      Keri, we so appreciate your kind words – in fact, it means the world to all of us. We will always miss our sweet Hannah. We desperately wish we could change the past, but we cannot. We are determined to make a difference and keep this from happening to other children through education, advocacy and legislation. Again, we thank you so very much. It is people like you who will spread our message and help us keep children safe. One Life…

  2. Josh Hulling says:

    I was given a kindness card at the downtown Starbucks along with a $5 gift card. Ironically Hannah’s story is the reason why I went out and bought bars for the windows in the second story of my home. What a beautiful way to remember Hannah and honor her life. I will feel privileged to pay it forward.

    • admin says:

      Josh, thank you so much for the comment. Stories like yours help us to know the message of window safety in the home is getting out there. Hannah’s story is a powerful one. The Hannah Geneser Foundation mission, and Hannah’s legacy is to help prevent this tragic accident from happening to other families. We are thankful you listened and took action. Pay it forward – the act of kindness and the story. One Life…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I received one of the kindess cards at the downtown Starbucks from a lady who also gave me a $5 Starbucks card. I was surprised and have been touched by Hannah’s story after getting on this website. I plan to pass along the act of kindness. This is a wonderful way to honor the life of a beautiful little girl.

  4. George Keagle says:

    Shanda & Jaimie & Harper: I’m proud of you three for keeping Hannah’s memory alive in this way — that the lingering sadness of her accident might not be in vain. I will share this with my 7 children and my grandchildren who are or will be parents, that my family might also benefit from Hannah’s life and your tragedy. I was Hannah’s and Harper’s bus driver, still fill in occasionally, but the CCYC teachers are now the official drivers.

    Hannah was a precious, delightful child; as is her sister, Harper. Your character in bracing this calamity is a shining example to me and to our community. Thank you, and warm regards.

    George Keagle

  5. Lisa Clapp says:

    I remember seeing on the news the day your daugther fell and ordered something the next day for my windows. I love your site and pray that time and love may your days a little easier. God Bless

  6. Laura Ludwig says:

    Your strength is truly amazing, my heart aches for you. God took one angel away way too soon, such a BEAUTIFUL child. This foundation really shows your true colors and unbelievable character as parents. God Bless to you and all of your family. If I can help in any way, please let me know.

    Laura Ludwig

  7. Karen Pauly says:

    Wow. This is truly amazing.
    I can’t imagine the time and effort it took to develop this foundation.
    Good for you guys.

    She is BEAUTIFUL. And so proud of you both, I’m sure.

    I understand your pain. My heart breaks for both of you, and Harper.
    Please let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help spread the word on your foundation, increase awareness, etc. I would be honored to help.

    Karen Pauly
    (Jack’s mom)

  8. Spencer & Stephanie Cox says:

    What a beautiful tribute to Hannah’s life on earth and her spirit up above. This foundation and website are powerful and are already achieving their goals and objectives through the mission. Such impressive strength and creativity. We love you guys and we are proud to be your friends.

  9. Staci Hassman says:

    Jaimie and Shanda what a wonderful site you have created in honor of Hannah! I continue to admire your strength and also how Hannah is still having such a huge impact on so many lives and will help others and possibly prevent another tragic accident like hers. God bless and we think of you often!


    Staci (Warner) Hassman

  10. Jamie Geneser says:

    I gave a kindness card and donated to a family that needed help with getting the proper care for their 4 year old daughter who has special needs.

  11. Jeremy and Briget Johnson says:

    We are incredibly inspired by the way you continue to use Hannah’s life to protect countless lives through child safety. This foundation will be a legacy that will live on an impact many people. We will support in anyway we can!
    Jeremy and Briget Johnson

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